Nicholas Coley

The story of Nicholas Coley and

"I see no end to the possibilities of painting out in the world. Just stand there long enough until the light shimmers off the pavement, or the comforting pattern of parking meters, the side view mirrors, the shadows under cars. If you love nature enough, you will see it even here, in our urban world.
Nicholas Coley: Artist Statement

I was running to the Golden Gate bridge and back today thinking about what was. I kept thinking "man, there are so many great things that people create and nobody ever gets to see them. Isn't that a shame?"

Well, right when I was about to make my final turn onto Cervantes there was Nicholas Coley. He was looking pretty serious and had a really interesting canvas catching the fading like just so.

I did my patented move: "let me pretend I am turning around here so he doesn't think I am stalking him but I want to get a better look at that". I watched him paint for a minute, took that picture and then started home. Then a voice screamed at me from inside.

Off the SD Card: Michigan Avenue

I was downtown yesterday for an event and took some architectural shots of the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower. I took all of them with my Tokina 11-16mm - a great super wide angle lens that really captures straight lines well. The picture above, of Tribune tower, was edited in Photoshop. Here is a simple 5-step process to get this type of photo: